Alright everyone, first off thanks for coming by to see what we're doing. Second, we've launched this new awesome Ark Server for our subscribers on Patreon and Twitch. We're keeping the rules pretty basic and play mode is just as simple. Treat people with respect and don't be a troll though at the same time this is a survival game, so pretend the Zombie Apocaplyse just happen and try to survive. You can join a tribe of a max amount of 5 people or go survive on your own, all is fine. As long as having an Ark server with this company works out then we plan to keep this running for a long time. Many hugs to our awesome Twitch and Patreon supporters, we hope to see you in Ark having a blast. As we grow as a community we will make the server bigger as needed, have fun and remember it's just a game.

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