We're fun loving simple peeps

You've reached our support page, we think it's cute and wanted to make it pretty. With us, getting response or I guess the word support is simple, just contact us via email or pm us in Discord.
For simple questions like, how do I gain access to this server?; the answer is become a Twitch or Patreon Subscriber. If you're a Patreon Subscriber log into Discord and pm us with your Steam name and you'll get access within minutes after we whitelist you. If you're Twitch Subscriber this is automatic just login to the server, accept the rules and have fun.

Happy Gaming and remember, don't cry; it's just a game.

Reach Support Option1

Just message MattyAndAnnika or AnnikaAndMatty in Discord

Reach Support Option2

If you need to reach out to us directly, feel free to use the email below

Contact email: mattyandannika@gmail.com

Reach Support Option3

Rub the magic lamp and wait... lol jk. Just email us.